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My Principles: Animal Welfare

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My Principles: Animal Welfare

Сообщение blaise84 » 04 фев 2019, 22:04

I have got empathy for animals since I was a child. When I was growing up, my faith and values changed several times, but my love and empathy for animals never changed. Now I already know that animal protection is the most noble cause. Below is a brief summary of my animal protection principles.

Firstly, we must protect animals.

Like human beings, animals have consciousness and feeling, and can experience suffering and happiness. This is a sufficient reason to protect animals.

Secondly, there is no need to advocate "protecting plants".

Plants do not have brain or nerve, so they never have any consciousness or feeling at all. Therefore, in terms of morality, it is not necessary to protect plants.

Thirdly, there is no need to advocate "protecting mosquitoes".

Vertebrate animals, especially mammals and birds, have developed advanced nervous systems, therefore having strong feeling and consciousness. However, most invertebrates, such as insects, only have a very simple nervous system, which means that their feeling and consciousness are very weak.

Fourthly, human beings must not kill animals, even though animals keep killing each other.

If a child who is three or four years old killed a man, you cannot condemn the child, because it knows nothing. Similarly, animals should not be condemned for killing others, because animals have low intelligence and cannot understand that their behaviors bring suffering to other individuals. In fact, many animals have the same intelligence level as a child. However, adult humans' intelligence is high enough for them to know that their behaviors may bring suffering to other individuals. Therefore, adult humans are obviously evil, when they do such behaviors.

Fifthly, human beings must fight against the law of nature.

The natural law that allows the stronger ones to prey upon the weaker ones runs counter to human morality. If not, there would be no need to protect the disadvantaged groups. The laws of nature are brutal, but human morality is empathetic. Human beings must fight against the brutality and stop the killing.

Sixthly, we should be more concerned about animals than people.

The suffering and misery faced by animals are far more severe than people's hardship. At least the people are not being murdered or tortured. Besides, humans can be good or evil, but animals are all innocent and lovable, just like children.

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